Hello, I am Gisela Linge


Delivering Impact for Your Success






Turning your visions into lasting impact.

Empowering your organization.

Leading your projects to success. 

Combining strategy, operations & agile expertise.

By building bridges between strategy and daily business I will support you in transforming your business model and functions. When Strategy Meets Reality transformations become effective, reaching beyond PowerPoint concepts, turning into real business change.


As an experienced consultant and leader I have been driving strategic projects and transformations for more than 10 years for global players within an international environment. I will bring different perspectives to the table based on the various functions and positions I held in the past. Always striving to combining innovative approaches with pragmatic decision-making I will be supporting your business the best I can.

Covid-19 Response

As companies are struggling globally with the impact of shut-downs, shattered supply chains and lock-downs of employees, focusing on substantial crisis management, e.g. securing Supply Chains, while seeking opportunities despite the crisis are crucial for ensuring not only company survival, but lasting success. Based on my profound experience in Procurement (e.g. cost reduction program at an OEM during the 2008/9 crisis) and Strategy, I can support your organization in both areas:

  • Supporting your Procurement Department in accelerating cash management and securing supplier relations during the acute COVID-19 crisis 
  • Further developing your business model and strategic response to prepare your organization for the Post-COVID-19 era

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