Delivering Impact for Your Success

Turning your visions into lasting impact.
Empowering your organization.
Leading your projects to success. 


By building bridges between strategy and daily business I will support you in shaping and transforming your company. My areas of excellence are: Leading company-wide transformation projects, shaping business models, and initiating change with Appreciative Inquiry. 

I chose the name "Strategy Meets Reality" because that is what I deliver: lasting impact by shaping transformations, business models and change initiatives based on my expertise in both - Strategy & Operations.

My value-add compared to big consulting firms lies in creating custom-tailored approaches, specific to your organization and its needs instead of selling standard „off-the-shelf“ solutions. Investing constantly in educating myself on the latest trends & methods as well as using my broad network of experts as sounding boards and support, I provide you with future-prove thinking and ways of working.


As an experienced consultant and leader I have been driving strategic projects and transformations for more than 10 years within an international environment. I am used to interact with Executive Board Members of global players, as my projects often shape the strategic set-up or cost performance of their companies. Based on the various functions and positions I held in the past I bring a holistic perspective to the table. Always combining innovative approaches with pragmatic decision-making and an trust-based, collaborative working style. 


Driving YOUR Transformation Initiatives

COVID-19 has proven that VUCA  - a world characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity - is not just an academic idea but very real. Adapting to external changes fast and successfully is key in order to secure and improve a company's market position. Transformation projects are needed to drive this adaptation process. Not PowerPoint slides will turn your transformation into a success story, but your people. A convincing WHY stands at the beginning. The HOW is most times best driven by an agile approach and the WHAT should always keep in mind your customers.


Combining rich experience from top consultancy and top industry work, I will successfully support you and your organization along this journey. I have designed and implemented transformation projects for global players successfully, ensuring that ambitious targets are met and mindsets & behaviours changed. As an experienced leader I know how to navigate in industrial settings best to achieve sustainable results and how to align your transformation with your daily and strategic business constraints.

Shaping Your Business Model & Portfolio

90% of new business ideas fail for various reasons - sometimes the solutions offered do not match a real customer job to be done or the operations model is flawed or a convincing WHY is missing. In addition, also existing businesses have to "re-invent" their business models more rapidly than ever before, as digitalization has lowered entry barriers significantly in many markets. Moreover, companies that stay successful excel in keeping the right balance between exploration and exploitation in their business portfolio. 

Building a sound business model based on a convincing WHY that matches your values and motivation requires strategic as well as operational expertise. 


With my broad experience in consulting & industry leadership, startup coaching and various functional roles (Strategy, Product Management and Operations) I will guide you through a custom-tailored workshop & coaching process to derive your business model or the right balance between exploration and exploitation at your company. I do not stop at the  the standard "Business Model Canvas" or "Value Proposition Canvas" but also jointly develop your Mission Statement and Target State as well as Action Planning on how to get there. It is a holistic approach that combines various methodologies to (re-) shape a successful business model.

IniTiating CHANGE on A BROAD SCALE WITH Appreciative Inquiry

Many initiatives fail to ignite lasting changes in mindsets and behaviours. I believe that this is partly driven by

  • trying to motivate people via "Burning Platforms" only 
  • limiting the idea and strategy generation to a tiny part of the organization (i.e. top management) 
  • trying to pursue a laid-out plan without sufficient flexibility
  • facts & figures only, lacking a convincing WHY
  • focusing on big events only
  • forgetting the fun part of change

Appreciative Inquiry is a reowned and success proven methodolgy (widely used esp. in the US ranging from companies like Apple to the US Navy) to avoid these mistakes by

  • appreciating the individual strenghts and success stories of an organization when imagining the best future state
  • tapping into the power of the entire organization as whole with all its diverse perspectives and richness of experiences
  • being agile and making use of Design Thinking methodologies like Rapid Prototyping in the designing of a transformation
  • harnessing the creativity of people and addressing their hearts and not only their minds
  • working on changing behaviours & mindsets continously with "innovation groups"
  • highlighting the change can be fun, if we are honest, open-minded and appreciating each contribution

I have been using this approach successfully in various settings. If you are curious about how to ignite and sustain change in your organization in a positive way without heavy consultant support needed, feel free to reach out to me.

How I deliver impact

Having worked on both sides - as a consultant and as an industry manager - I know that PowerPoint Presentations are not the solution to your challenges, but just the beginning. Pragmatic, joint problem-solving includes actually working on the problem and supporting your teams hands-on. Building trustful relationships with you and your teams are key for me. Listening actively to you and taking into account your company culture and enabling your teams, will characterize may way of working.


I have been working for mid-sized and large listed companies - knowing how to navigate in various environments. Besides taking on the project lead I can also activate my network of experts and coaches to support you as well. As the challenges you face are manifold, I offer various support models, looking for the best-suited option for you.

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Project Examples

Transformations & Strategy

  • Global cost excellence and process optimization program at a leading automotive supplier (~200mn EUR savings)
  • Global transformation incl. significant cost savings of the Indirect Procurement Organization at an NYSE listed automotive supplier (~45mn EUR savings)
  • Global re-organization of an automotive supplier
  • Design and implementation of Strategy Reviews
  • Set-up and implementation of a successful collaboration program with start-ups
  • Aftersales Growth Strategy for a premium OEM

Business Models & Appreciative Inquiry

  • Startup coaching as a PlugAndPlay Mentor
  • Business Models for new products & services for an automotive supplier
  • Appreciative Inquiry for initiating Re-organization for a global multi-bn USD company
  • Apprectiative Inquiry for the global roll-out of a Lean Management Transformation
  • Apprectiative Inquiry to kick-off the strategy process for an automotive supplier


  • Designing and global implementation of a Lean Management Program at an global automotive supplier
  • Cost saving projects (direct and indirect categorie) at various companies
  • Designing and implementing cross-functional category strategies at an automotive OEM
  • Benchmarking of Procurement Practices and Organizations across industries

Business Model Innovation & Value Proposition Design Master Training