Having worked on both sides - as a consultant and as an industry manager - I know that PowerPoint Presentations are not the solution to your challenges, but just the beginning. Pragmatic, joint problem-solving includes actually working on the problem and supporting your teams hands-on. Building trustful relationships with you and your teams are key for me. Listening actively to you and taking into account your company culture and enabling your teams, will characterize may way of working.


I have been working for mid-sized and large listed companies - knowing how to navigate in various environments. Besides taking on the project lead I can also activate my network of experts and coaches to support you as well. As the challenges you face are manifold, I offer various support models, looking for the best-suited option for you:

Project Leadership

You want to ensure that your transformation project is successful? As an experienced project leader I will support you in planning and implementing holistic, mid-to-large scale (transformation) projects. My approach is pragmatic, structured, and trust-based, integrating Change Management measures to ensure project success. Being a certified Scrum Master I can pursue an agile or hybrid project management approach.

Business Modelling

Looking for entering a market with a business idea or thinking about revising your current business model due to market changes? When accompanying companies - regardless if startups or "grownup" firms - I combine various proven methods to derive a business model and value proposition that does not only suit your (potential) customer needs but also your personal / organizational WHY.

Appreciative Inquiry

You want to empower your teams and drive lasting change in your organization? Appreciative Inquiry is a proven approach based on the strenghts of your people and on bringing together the various talents & experiences in your organization. I have used this methodology in different settings successfully, as also companies like Apple, the UN or the US Navy do.